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Anything you'll need to understand to produce your character on Lost Ark correctly

The hype around Lost Ark is reaching heights that attract many players. A game that requires some knowledge right from… the character creation screen.

Judge instead. This is a mandatory step for MMORPG players: that of the long minutes, even hours, spent refining your character. This is always how a new adventure begins. Everyone aims for the top aesthetically speaking while seeking an ideal starting class before creating a new one once the meta is well established. And if these steps are already essential in many games, they are all the more so on Lost Ark, which has some specificities.



Take advantage of all available slots.

The Lost Ark character creation menu default gives you six character slots per account. Your main character occupies the first, while the others allow you to have five alternative characters to try out other classes. If you're the player who intends to compete with the best by leveling up your main character quickly while acquiring powerful gear, then creating alternate characters is almost imperative. This allows you to frequently complete Daily and Weekly Quests, including Abyssal Raids and Dungeons, enabling you to acquire more Lost Ark gold and materials to upgrade your gear. Because, yes, these resources are shared between your different characters. Hence the usefulness of having several to optimize your farming.



All classes and subclasses

In total, Lost Ark offers 15 different archetypes. Here they are, along with a brief description for each one:

  • Assassin: Assassins are fast characters who use rogue-like oriented attacks. They can destroy the enemy in seconds but are incredibly fragile. The two subclasses are Bloodblade and Warlock: if you plan to fight head-on, don't choose this class.
  • Blood Blade: These are chaos users who use three blades. Bloodblades are extremely fast, and their primary weapons are light double swords. On top of that, they also have a longsword if needed.
  • Warlock: They can shapeshift into demonic beings to unleash their chaotic power. This subclass has increased health and movement speed compared to Bloodblades.


Warrior: Warriors are the tanks of Lost Ark. They can absorb the most damage and have a high hit point count. Although their damage is decent, they are not the most agile and destructive class. But it is still composed of three subclasses with their advantages and their defects:

  • Berserk: This is probably the best subclass for new players. The Berserk can inflict significant damage and has an excellent defense. When you enter rage mode, the Berserk also gets high movement speed.
  • Paladin: Paladins provide buffs to their team and debuffs to the enemy. They have an equal amount of attack and defense. They are of great value within a group, whether you use their sword to deal damage or their magic to support your teammates.
  • Gunslinger: You can use the Gunslinger in two ways. First, by using their firearm to inflict heavy damage. However, the best way to use it is to absorb damage received by your team.


Mage: Mages can be divided into two categories. The Bard inflicts minor damage but heals his team a lot. Conversely, the Sorceress can use elemental skills to deal area damage to enemies. Mages are the most fragile class, so you'll need to keep your distance in the heat of battle:

  • Bard: Bards are one of the best support units in Lost Ark. You can use their abilities to heal your team and keep them in fighting condition. Their damage is low, but you shouldn't choose the Bard for damage.
  • Sorceress: The Sorceress uses three types of elements to inflict magic damage. This unit excels at inflicting area damage and eliminating many enemies in one go.


Martialist: Martial artists like to fight the enemy head-on. They use various skills and attacks to deal an insane amount of damage to all enemies in their path. This is the brawler class found in other MMOs. There are four subclasses, so here to choose the one that best suits your style:

  • Elemental: They combine elemental powers with martial arts. They are strong and can use devastating attacks.
  • Essentialist: Essentialists are powerful units that are excellent at attacking the enemy head-on. You can use quick combos and continuous moves to catch the enemy off guard.
  • Pugilist: They are excellent in attack and defense. This unit has good speed and is a balanced character overall.
  • Spiritist: Spiritists can switch from a ranged weapon to a melee weapon for players who prefer to keep their enemies on their toes. They also use energy, which gives them good support during fights.


Sharpshooter: Players who prefer ranged characters will love the Sharpshooter class. These characters wield technologically advanced weapons that deal tons of ranged damage. There are four subclasses, and all of them have their playstyle:

  • Gunner: As the name suggests, this subclass excels in using incredible firepower and cumbersome weapons. It's not the most agile sniper subclass, but it hits extremely hard, and its armor is super tough!
  • Franc Tireur: The Franc Tireurs have a relatively flexible style of play. His primary weapon is to choose between a double pistol, a shotgun, or a shotgun.
  • Riflewoman: If you want to change weapons along the way, this is the best subclass. Riflemen are very fast, making them difficult to hit. In addition, their DPS is relatively high.
  • Relentless Salvo: This subclass has the most incredible range among the entire assassin set. The primary weapon is a mechanical bow that uses special arrows. A subclass that has excellent survivability and deals good damage.



Man or woman?

You should know that the creative menu of Lost Ark offers five classes and 15 subclasses, but not all of them provide male AND female characters, except Martialists and Snipers. The small detail that may be important to you tells you that you can't change your character's gender later in the adventure.

To remedy this problem, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games confirm that players can expect updates to fix this, but we don't know the exact dates yet.



Change appearance and name

Creating the perfect look for players is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of their experience in an MMO like Lost Ark . It also helps that the game has an in-depth character creation system, where one can customize their appearance in impressive detail. But what happens when a player realizes they've made a mistake with their character's appearance after leaving the screen?

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation or want to give your character a new look, don't worry. There is another way to change your appearance in-game, but it might not be so apparent at first glance.

After choosing a server to play on, a button at the bottom right of the character selection screen called "Reskin" allows you to change your appearance. Unfortunately, this option is not free and costs an appearance customization ticket. To buy this ticket, you must press OK after clicking on the Reskin button. You are then directed to the character creation menu to make any changes you wish, but none of the adjustments will be applied until a ticket is purchased for 800 Royal Crystals, which is a small amount.

You now have all the information at your disposal so as not to mess up the creation of your character. And maybe even save some money along the way.


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