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Lost Ark: Pass Guide (leveling, cost, and rewards)

Ark Pass battle pass system offers free and paid rewards that players should not miss.



Launched in late April 2022, Ark Pass is the debut system of the Lost Ark Battle Pass, offering a variety of Lost Ark rewards, including authoritative content and exclusive cosmetic items. This Battle Pass is available in three separate categories: Free, Premium, and Super Premium. Ark Pass users can get many upgrade items, including a free Soul Vanguard mount. Premium members also receive rewards for free access to Lost Ark but are eligible for much higher level Ascension and Honing materials. In addition, premium players will receive an exclusive Vertus pet after reaching the maximum level 30 of the Ark Pass.


The third and highest tier of Ark Pass is Super Premium, which includes free and premium rewards and the Noble Banquet Outfit and Weapon Skin Pack. Super Premium users will also receive exclusive Noble Banquet wallpapers for their squad selection screen and two Legendary Rapport selection chests. Remember that the Noble Banquet Set is divided into parts that players will receive every five levels after level 15.


The Ark Pass began on April 21st and will run until July 14th, 2022. As the name suggests, the free tier of the Ark Pass is not tied to any real-world or is the cost of playing Lost Ark. On the other hand, the Premium tier requires 1,500 Royal Crystals, or $15, while the Super Premium tier requires the purchase of 3,000 Royal Crystals, which is $30.



How the Ark Pass works in Lost Ark?


Once Lost Ark adventurers have decided what level of rewards they want, they can begin leveling up their Ark Pass by completing regular and seasonal quests. Standard missions are associated with investigations and activities that can be repeated every week. These quests grant 30-50 Ark Pass experience points but stop giving experience once the weekly cap of 500 is reached. Accordingly,  Lost Ark players will need to complete Clear 2 Abyss Dungeons tasks. Complete 3 of Una's daily quests or Participate in 3 team deathmatches at the Proving Grounds.


Seasonal missions in Lost Ark's Ark Pass are tasks that can only be completed once but are not subject to any restrictions. In addition, they can be completed for the entire roster, meaning players can use other characters to complete specific tasks. Season missions include quests such as " Spend 4000 HP ", " Use 20 flares ", or " Repair equipment 20 times ".


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One thing is essential to remember. When leveling the Ark Pass, seasonal missions can be a bit "raw." For example, quests such as " Perform 10 counterattacks " can be completed in the training arena without restrictions. Rewards will often have two options. Don't forget to choose a rarer item. For example, players should not decide to enchant materials instead of pirate coins in  Lost Ark.


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