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Path Of Exile Inspired Some Fans Of The Hack'n'Slay Genre

Path of Exile is a game that has earned respect for being totally independent and extremely well structured. Clearly inspired by the old Diablo, the game had a very present community and a legion of admirers. It is the perfect F2P title that attract more and more players on Steam.



If you aren't familiar with Path of Exile, you should know that as a F2P title, it has done what many other F2P games have not. The Diablo-esque title has won many awards over the last 3 years, including many Game of the Year awards. The game includes insanely customizable character skill trees, an awesomely dark and gritty 3D fantasy world and randomly generated maps that offer almost infinite replayability. On top of those options the game offers a robust crafting system and a player run economy.


Path of Exile was released in October 2013 and has been killing it since. Since its launch, Path of Exile has grown its worldwide community to over 16 million players. Localized versions are available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Russian, Thai, and Brazilian Portuguese.


The Path of Exile, as a free-to-play title for the PC, inspired some fans of the Hack'n'Slay genre. The Diablo clone from Grinding Gear Games has been on Steam for several years. At regular intervals, the game may look forward to new updates, as we recently reported. And if you now look at the statistics of Steam, you can find that the number of simultaneously playing users in PoE has increased quite significantly.


The Hack 'n' Slay title is still being updated. Recently, the developers have announced that the game in the free-to-play version should also add new expansion War for the Altas on Xbox One. More updates about Path of Exile will be released on U4GM where you can buy PoE Orbs cheap online.


Not to let the flame die, developers end up launching more expansions that bring new content, challenges and items. Like the game, all these expansions are free and do not require any type of advance payment to be acquired.