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Revelation Online Name Reservation Announcement and FAQ

On February 21st, My.com has announced Revelation Online Name Reservation is closed. These Founder or Deluxe packs players will reserve their individual or meaningful name ahead of Early Access, starting on February 27th.


Name Reservation FAQ:


1. If I buy the Founder pack now, can I still reserve my name?

The time to reserve your name ahead of Early Access, starting on February 27th is now over!


2. Will my reserved aames be avaiable on the other servers (until the 30 day period ends)?

Your name will be blocked on all servers for 30 days. Even if you create a character with this name on a server.


3. Will my name be reserved on the French and German servers as soon as they open?

Of course, all name reservations will be active on the new German/French servers.


Revelation Online


Early Access Notifications(not confirmed)


-Early-Access Players will become the first Mentors who will benefit free players.


-Early-Access Players get a head start to meet other players who invested in the game and make friends before the Free Players appear who might come in, stay in for a day, make it to a friend list, then leave the next day without saying a word.


-Free Players will be the reason our client rates will be set lower than B2P or P2P Games. Free Players will take advantage of the Economy created by Early-Access Players.


-Free Players will take advantage of the Mentors who rose up during Early-Access.


-Free Players will account for 8 out of 9 players that will not contribute to the operation of the game.


Hopefully everyone enjoys the name they got! We will keep updating latest Revelation Online news and providing Revelation Online services.