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Revelation Online OBT Server Names and CBT Numbers Report

Revelation Online OBT Date is confirmed on March 6th. It's time to see the which server you can play Revelation Online. Here are server names for their respective regions!


Revelation Online Server


At the same time, My.com showed the numbers from all closed beta phases including most favoured class, most preyed upon, most lively city, and so on.


Revelation Online Classes Use


We can see from the figures, in Revelation Online, each class was used a moderately. Most players don't choose the most powerful class but their favourite. We also get to see which bosses killed the most players. This can be useful information to players that have yet to face these bosses so that they know which ones they have to prepare for.


You can also see how many people death in PvP. The total death number in PvP is 615,465. All these data will help you prepare for the coming Revelation Online. You can find full CBT numbers at the offcial announcement. Looking forward to seeing you all in OBT! 


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