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How to Trade in Revelation Online

Revelation Online Third Closed Beta will end soon. For players who recently start out in this game, we will intoduce how to trade in Revelation Online to help you spend your money better.


Revelation Online  Trade


In-Game Currency


Revelation Online mainly offers four types of in-game currency, each serves its on purpose with its own features. One of them is used for player trading and auction house.


-Gyth Notes: Gyth Notes is using for transactions with NPCs. They can get from various quests including dungeons and being a part of a variety of events. The more active you are; the more Gyth Notes you will obtain.


-Gythil: Revelation Online Gythil is more valuable than Gyth Notes. Gythil can be used for transactions with other players. You can use them to buy items from the auction and private stalls. Also when you run short of Gyth Notes, the game will prompt you to pay the difference in Gythil. Gythil can be obtained in serveral ways like dungeons, selling items, crafting or buying for real money.


-Aurum: Aurum can be purchased with real money and buy goods from the in-game store. Aurum can be gifted and also exchanged for Gythil at a floating in-game rate.


-Ausgyth Points: Ausgyth Points belong to a rare type of in-game currencies only acquired through upgrading your standing with the Order of Guardians or taking part in events or opening a chest from the in-game store. It cannot be transferred, purchased, or exchanged.


Trading Methods


-Store: The way for Players and NPC transactions. The store is divided into ordinary stores and prestige stores. Ordinary stores are trading with Gyth Notes and Gythil. Prestige stores will need to be a variety of items.


-Trading with Players: The most commonly-used trading method. Players need to face to face. The transaction is initiated by one party (right click on the other picture, pop-up menu, select the transaction), the other party to accept the transaction process, the transaction both sides to put the items and money to be traded, are click OK transaction is successful.


-Private Stall: Stall is for players who have some tradable items to sell. Reaching level 30, players can find the stall in the top bar entrance. You will need 100 Gyth Notes to open a private stall.


-Auction: Auction can be considered a C2C micro-e-commerce center, players will be idle hand items, equipment into the auction house, set a certain time to sell, pay a certain management fee for another batch of players search, parity, on-demand purchase. You need to find an auction employee. They can be found in the major cities: Sidus Ur, Sulan, and Fort Whetstone. 


-Email: Players do not need to face the transaction. Email is also used as a system to send rewards. Players can find mailbox maid in major cities to use the mail function. Players can switch to the Write Mail and Inbox features in the left-hand column of the mailbox.


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