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Revelation Online Early Access Begins Now!

Today My.com has officially announced that Early Access for Revelation Online is now open! Founder pack owners now can login into the game and start your adventure in Nuanor without character resets. Founder Pack owners can also expect to receive all of their unique and amazing rewards during Early Access.


Revelation Online Early Access


Below you will find a guide with steps on how to transfer your Founders pack items from your web inventory to in game.


Step 1) Please head to your inventory on the website which you can find here.

Web Inventory: https://ro.my.com/user/inventory


Step 2) Select the item you would like to send to your character. Please make sure you already have a character created, if you do not you will need to refresh the page once you have created a character.


Step 3) Once you have selected item, server and character which you want to receive the items proceed to click on 'Send'.


Step 4) Your items have now been sent to your character, you will now need to retrieve them. You can do this by going to a Postal Attendant. There is one on the starting island and also one at the bottom of Sulan. You can double check that you have received your items by selecting the Mail icon (the one which looks like a letter) in the top right hand corner, you can also use this icon to navigate to your nearest postal attendant by pressing the 'item' button.


Step 5) Once you have visited a postal attendant you can claim your items from the letter you have received by also selecting the 'item' button. These items will go to a temporary inventory where you will need to select 'obtain'.


If you want to join the game and play with friends, you can purchase the Founder pack and download the game. Now our website also start providing cheap Revelation Online Gythil for sale, Have fun everyone! It should be an interesting experience. More information about Revelation Online Early Access, you can find Here.