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Revelation Online: How to Make Your Equipment More Powerful

After reviewing the feedback from the game's community. Revelation Online CBT3 has been extended to last until the February 9th. Now you have another week to enjoy the game. In the game, growing your weapons, armor and make your equipment more powerful is very important. There are various different ways to improve your equipment in Revelation Online, here are the highlights. 


Equipment Refining


First of all, you need to to find the Refinement NPC which appears in all major cities. Every piece of equipment up to level 49 can be refined up to a maximum of +10, however, the equipment up to level 79 can be refined to a maximum of +16. Refining can also grant you one additional stat(HP, Attack, Armor or Defense) depending on which item slot it belongs and along with the class, it belongs to.


Revelation Online Equipment


-Armor & Necklace will increase your maximum HP

-Main hand & Offhand weapons will increase either Magic or Physical Attack depending on the weapon

-Earrings & Rings will increase your Physical or Magic Armor.


Equipment types come in 4 different grades:Green, Blue, Purple and Gold. As you progress and upgrade to new equipment you will have the option to transfer your refinement levels to the new equipment. 


How to Gain Materials


You can obtain refinement materials at the Sulan Bridge portal (5477, -1983, 9) by approaching the NPC known as Cita Ceres. You will need to purchase Peculiar Tickets and exchange them into Curious Beads as Cita will only accept Curious Beads and Ausgyth points in exchange for the materials. Additional Curious beads can be used to offset the amount of Ausgyth points you need to spend.


You can also purchase refinement materials from the Ausgyth vendor along with other materials to help the speed up your character's progression. You are able to obtain Ausgyth points just by levelling up, by the time you reach level 59 you should have approximately 70,000 Ausgyth points. Alternatively you can buy a Nine Chain Chest from the cash shop to gain a random amount of Ausgyth points.




Except for the Equipment Refining, Gearing is also an sigificant way to help you become more powerful and explore higher difficulty PvE and PvP content. Gearing process can be divided into seven parts as below:


-Obtaining Gold gear

-Gear Awakening

-Gear Sharpening & Hidden Stats

-Precious Stones

-Prefix Recasting

-Runes and Bracteates

-Upgrading Gear


Awakening your equipment just like refining will take time and patience. For more further gearing details, you can visit Here. Keep your eyes on our website, we will bring more latest Revelation Online content for you.