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Rogythil.com Vip System and Refund Policy

Rogythil.com is a professional website which has perfect Vip System and Refund Policy. We always gurantee the safety of purchase from all customers, and make sure the price is cheap and fair. If you become our Vip member, you can enjoy up to 5% discount for Revelation Online Gythil orders.


How to become the Vip Memeber?


At present, we have five kinds of VIP members. They are VIP 1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4 and VIP5. As you can see in the picture, each Vip level is determined by your total purchase amounts or or your total shopping points at our website.




What can you enjoy if you become our Vip Member?


Lower Price: VIP Members can enjoy lifelong VIP discount.

Better Service: VIP Members have the priority to get served fastly.

Faster Delivery: VIP members can enjoy the faster delivery than others.

One-to-One Service: VIP Members can enjoy the One-to-One Service.

Instant Refund: VIP Members can get the refund instantly if the delivery is not done.

Bigger Rate to Win: VIP Members have the priority to win if they participate our contest.


Refund Notification




1. The buyer could ask for refund after paid successfully before the order was completed without any condition.

2. We will close the order and refund the payment back to its customer when orders couldn't be completed in 72 hours.

3. We won't perform refund in the situation of any order was completed here.


Resolution of order with issues


Because of the wrong information filling by customer which cause the delay of the delivery, we will contact the customer by mailing in first time to help them to correct the information. We will try to mail customer while they filled out the order in 24 hours and 48 hours after the first email sent. We will perform refund after the order received in 72 hours and without response got from customers till then 


Resolution of shortage in the stock 


For the orders those couldn't be completed in time due to the shortage in the stock, we will offer options to help customers to resolve it. And we will refund payment back to any customers immediately who don't want to wait.


We also offer 24/7 online customer support and Revelation Online Gythil delivery service. Welcome to join us! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell us. Thanks for your support.